“The abolition of roaming charges will make us more global – it will allow us to engage more deeply with the wider EU”: World History Magazine, October 2017

“The scourge of the massive (often unintended) holiday mobile-phone bill… should be at an end.”

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“The Belief in an interconnected humanity should be measured by the degree to which we take pride in our differences”: World History Magazine, May 2017

“Recently I was greeted by a man who shook my hand in the limpest possible way.”

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“The resting place of Hirst’s imagined ship rings true with what we know about connectivity between ancient cultures”: World History Magazine, Summer 2017

“It’s a polarising affair – people either love it or hate it.”

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“To teach students about the range of global attitudes and values, we need a wide-reaching programme of learning”: World History Magazine, April 2017

“I’m a first-time father. My little one is now 10 months old.”

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World history mag feb 2017

“The Emergence of the Nation State left little room for a global perspective that priortised connections between nations”: World History Magazine, February 2017

“It can easily feel like the globalisation that has defined the 20th and now 21st centuries is irreversible”

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Sicily provides a beacon of hope for refugees by welcoming them: iNews, February 2017

“The Italian island can teach the world how to treat new arrivals, says Dr Michael Scott”

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Sicily and Britain - BBC History Magazine January 2017

Sicily and Britain: BBC History Magazine, January 2017

“1. The Other Norman Conquest: More than one island’s history for transformed by a Norman invasion in the 1060s”

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Global connections

Global Connections: World Histories Magazine 2016

“Sicily is an incredible melting pot of ideas beliefs and peoples – which is why it is such a key focus for thought in 2016”

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Greek Sanctuaries and Russian dolls

Greek Sanctuaries and Russian dolls: walls and religious experience – Omnibus Issue 72 2016

“Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic games, competes with the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi for the accolade of being Greece’s most famous sacred space”

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How Archimedes took on the Roman: BBC History Extra, 17th November 2016

‘Think of Archimedes (c287–212/211 BC), and I bet the image you have is that of a man jumping naked out of his bath, running down the street shouting “Eureka!” (ancient Greek for “I have found it”).’

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The Tensions in American Democracy date back to 508 B.C.: Time Magazine, November 7th 2016

‘Even 2,500 years later, the tensions that were clear in Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek society show up in democratic governance’

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Global encounters Aug 16

Global Encounters of the ancient kind: BBC History Magazine August 2016

‘History is so often studied in isolated chunks, but that is not how it was experienced. Instead I want to offer an ancient global history, one that helps us understand how much we have always owed interaction with one another.’

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its a small world

It’s a small world: Radio Times July 2016

“Globalisation is nothing new – it began with Confucius 2,500 years ago”

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Rise of Rome; Polybius'

The Rise of Rome, Polybius. Introduced by Michael Scott

A preface to ‘one of the most influential classical histories, enhanced with magnificent full-page coin portraits.’

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BBC History 1st nov

A History of Greek Theatre: BBC History Magazine 1st November 2013

‘Ancient Greek Drama dealt with everything from murder and incest to sex and sausages. Yet, says Michael Scott, one theme above all dominated the performance of tragedies and comedies in democratic Athens: politics.’

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The Trouble with Luxury

The Trouble with Luxury: BBC History Magazine April 2011

In this article I explore the problems luxuries brought to Ancient Greek society. This article was written alongside my documentary, Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds.

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The Battle of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon – more important than Hastings?: BBC History Magazine May 2010

‘Exactly 2500 years ago, a small Athenian army defeated a huge Persian invasion force in a clash that has been hailed as a turning point in world history. Michael Scott asks, how significant was the Battle of Marathon?’

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Darwinian Magazine Spring 10

Has anyone seen the cameraman: Darwinian Magazine Spring 2010

In this article I explore my first experiences presenting television documentaries.

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history today nov 09

The Rise of Women in Ancient Greece: History Today November 2009

‘Michael Scott looks at how a time of crisis in the fourth century BC proved a dynamic moment of change for women in the Greek world.’

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BBC History Oct 09

Greece’s Golden Century: BBC History Magazine: October 2009

‘Historians who claim that the fifth century BC was the golden age of ancient Greece have missed a trick, says Michael Scott. As Scott argues in a new book out this month, some of the most crucial developments in classical Greek history did, in fact, occur a century later.’

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Omnibus 2009

The mystery of the Temple of Zeus at the Sanctuary of Nemea: Omnibus 58 2009

‘The temple of Zeus at the sanctuary of Nemea has often been written off as a dull, inconsequential temple of the fourth century B.C. This article seeks to re-write the temple’s reputation by arguing that the temple was designed to bolster the sanctuary’s own chequered history during a period in which the sanctuary of Nemea was fighting for its survival. Religion and politics were fundamentally connected in the Greek world, as the story of the Nemean sanctuary shows.’

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How it works

Global Eye Interview with Michael Scott: How It Works Magazine Issue 35

‘With the Olympics nearly here, we talk to one of the world’s foremost authorities on Ancient Greek culture about the way of life, the gods and Delphi’s famous oracle.’

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adfam thumbnail

More Questions than Answers: Ad Familiares 42

‘Delphi, Michael Scott suggests, is still as oracular as ever.’

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