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Academic, Author and Broadcaster in History and Archaeology

Year: 2013

Ancient Worlds: An Epic History of East and West

“Ancient Worlds: An Epic History of East and West.” Hutchinson, 2016.

Delphi: A History of the Center of the Ancient World

“Delphi: A History of the Center of the Ancient World.” Princeton University Press, 2014.

Spin the Globe – BBC Radio 4

We are just coming to the end of a new project for BBC Radio 4, which will air starting n… Read More

A History of Greek Theatre: BBC History Magazine

‘Ancient Greek Drama dealt with everything from murder and incest to sex and sausages. Yet, says Michael Scott, one theme above all dominated the performance of tragedies and comedies in democratic Athens: politics.’

Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth – BBC 4

The BBC have decided to show earlier than expected my new series on the origins and de… Read More

The Mystery of Rome’s X Tombs – BBC 2 Sunday 28th July 9pm

My new documentary for BBC 2 ‘The Mystery of Rome’s X Tombs’ air… Read More


Its T-3 hours to the TX of episode 1 of WHO WERE THE GREEKS on BBC 2

I’ve written a … Read More

Boiotia – the dancing floor of Ares!

Last week I spoke in a conference organised by a colleague Dr Sam Gartland at Corpus C… Read More

Ancient world frozen in time

We recently completed the abroad filming on my new BBC 2 series Who Were the Greeks (c… Read More

Filming Who Were the Greeks

Am currently on a new filming project for BBC 2 – entitled Who Were the Greeks. … Read More

Filming Jesus Rise to Power in Tunisia

Hope you have all enjoyed Jesus Rise to Power. Here’s another entry from my fi… Read More

Jesus: Rise to Power

The upcoming premiere of Jesus:Rise to Power with National Geographic in the US on H… Read More

Live with New Zealand

Have just completed a radio interview with Graeme Hill of Radio Live New Zealand for … Read More

Spin the Globe 2013 – BBC Radio Four

I presented a series for BBC Radio Four entitled ‘Spin the Globe’ whic… Read More

Luxury in the Age of Austerity

In 2012, I joined a panel for BBC RADIO THREE Nightwaves programme on Luxury in an age… Read More

Who Were the Greeks?

This new two-part series for BBC TWO focuses on the realities of life in the ancient Greek world, its legacies, and its continued importance for our own world today. Who were the Greeks: Episode 1 ‘Life’ and Episode 2 ‘Legacy’ aired in June and July 2013 on BBC2.


Am currently reviewing Jerry Toner’s new book on Roman Disasters for BBC His… Read More

The Mystery of the X Tombs

This programme follows the investigations ongoing since 2003 into a mysterious chamber found deep within one of Rome’s catacombs. 2500 bodies piled neatly on top of one another in several chambers of mass death.

Death on Ancient Greco-Roman Grave Stele

I am currently writing a journal article, which focuses on three very unusual grave stele (funerary markers) from the Aegean. On these grave stele, the very moment of death (by drowning) is represented. The goal of the article is to understand why someone might have chosen this kind of image, and how such iconography links into the ancient understanding of sea-faring and travel.

Space and Society in the Greek and Roman worlds

“Space and Society in the Greek and Roman worlds.” Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Saying it with a few words….

Last week, this article flashed up on twitter

Its well worth a read – a Profess… Read More


“Risk. Co-edited with Dr Layla Skinns and Tony Cox” Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Delphi and Olympia

“Delphi and Olympia: the spatial politics of panhellenism in the archaic and classical periods.” Cambridge University Press, 2010.

From Democrats to Kings

“From Democrats to Kings: The Downfall of Athens to the Epic Rise of Alexander the Great.” Icon Press UK, 2009.

Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth

This series examines the extraordinary career of Athens in the ancient world from the 6th century BC to the 2nd century AD through the prism of one of its most important and culturally crucial spaces: the theatre.

Jesus: Rise to Power

Written and Presented for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL worldwide, Jesus: Rise to Power follows the story of the early years of the development of Christianity within the Roman empire and asks how in such a short space of time, Christianity moved from a persecuted movement to official religion of the Roman Empire

Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

I wrote and presented a two-part series for BBC FOUR entitled Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in the Ancient Greek and Medieval worlds, which aired in June and July 2011 as part of BBC FOUR’s Luxury Season.

Delphi: bellybutton of the ancient world

I wrote and presented a documentary for BBC FOUR on Delphi: Bellybutton of the Ancient World, (broadcast in Autumn 2010). The programme investigates the oracular sanctuary of Delphi in ancient Greece and asks how it managed to survive as the omphalos, the bellybutton, of the ancient world for over 1000 years and what Delphi still has to say to us today.

Paul the Octopus

In 2009, I gave an interview for a new feature-length film on the phenomenon of Paul the Psychic Octopus. The interview sought to put this modern day 'oracle' in the context of oracles through history and particularly the ancient world.
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