Michael Scott

Academic, Author and Broadcaster in History and Archaeology

Month: August 2016

In 2016-8, supported by Strategic and Departmental Warwick Impact Fund grants, working with Warwick Academic Technologist Steve Ranford, a team of Warwick Classics PG and UG students, and the development team at Computerminds

Sicily: Wonder of the Mediterranean

This two-part series examined the history of Sicily as a cultural melting pot from the Neolithic period to the modern day and ask what it means to be Sicilian. From treading grapes in an ancient wine press, scrambling across a 20ft Lava wall on mount Etna, reciting Shakespeare in an ancient Greek theatre, excavating child bones from a possible human sacrifice, salt mining old-fashioned style, having a cut throat shave from an 80 year local barber, trying my hand at Sicilian martial art of stick-fighting, making puppets and chocolate and exploring the underground Arab aqueducts of Palermo, we travel across the length and breadth of this extraordinary island.

Global Encounters of the ancient kind: BBC History Magazine

‘History is so often studied in isolated chunks, but that is not how it was experienced. Instead I want to offer an ancient global history, one that helps us understand how much we have always owed interaction with one another.’
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