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The Realities of the ancient Olympics – 29th June 2022

As part of the University of Warwick’s Warwick Classics Network A. G. LevenRead More

The Gritty Realities of the Ancient Olympic Games – 30th June 2022

As we get ready for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, in this talk, we will put ours… Read More


Languages and Story Telling – Words and Voices Resonate Festival, 19th September 2021 –

On Sunday 19th September I will be speaking on ‘Languages and Storytelling&… Read More

Material Musings Blog: The Strange case of the Cheese Grater

In this article for the Warwick Material Musings blog, I discuss an object that I fir… Read More

Covid19: Resources for Home-schooling

Stuck at home due to Covid19? Home schooling? Then check out my Video and LiveQ&

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Buckingham History Festival 27th April 2019 – Ancient Worlds: Greece, Rome, and Interactions with the Worlds Beyond

In this wide-ranging talk, Michael Scott reveals how the world of the ancient Medit… Read More

Up Close with the Only Surviving Wonder of the Ancient World: Magdalene Matters

“Our first day of filming in Cairo was unforgettable”

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Ancient Invisible Cities presenter Michael Scott on how new tech is bringing classics to life: iNews

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