The Gritty Realities of the Ancient Olympic Games – 30th June 2022

    As we get ready for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, in this talk, we will put ourselves in the footsteps of those who attended the ancient Olympics. Just what did it take to get to ancient Olympia? What did you have to bring with you – as athlete and as spectator? Where did you sleep? What […]

Past Events

    The Realities of the ancient Olympics – 29th June 2022

    As part of the University of Warwick’s Warwick Classics Network A. G. Leventis Ancient Worlds Study Day 2022 (warwick.ac.uk)  Michael will be talking to school children from across the country on ‘The Gritty Realities of the Ancient Olympics’. Find out more about the program of the day here.  

    Warwick Xmas Lectures – 6th December 7pm

    As part of this year’s Warwick Xmas Lectures, I will be appearing as one of Dr Rachel Edwards’ special guests in a talk on ‘Seeing sound’ (with some ancient Greek history thrown in!). More details coming soon! For more information on the event and to book tickets, follow this link.  

    Was there Fake News in Ancient Athens? – 25 November 2021

    Ancient Athens is thought as the world’s first democracy. Our modern political systems are often linked back to the democratic practices of that time. But what about our modern-day political problems too? Was fake news a problem in ancient Athens? Was there a ‘crisis of truth’ then as Barack Obama thinks there is today? This […]

    Considering Drama – 23rd November 2021

    Considering Drama – 23rd November 2021 – Three free live Zoom talks about the power and potential of great drama On 23rd November I will be talking about Antigone and the challenges of staging Antigone from the perspective of conveying what would have been particularly shocking / thought-provoking / important to the ancient Greek audience […]

    IASTE 2021: Virtual Traditions

    Michael will be speaking at the 17th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE), SEPTEMBER 2nd 2021 at Nottingham Trent University, UK. Watch this space for more details soon, and follow this link to learn more about the conference.

    On Disruptions in History and Archaeology – Saturday, September 5th 2020

    On Saturday, September 5th 2020 at 14:55 – 15:10, Michael will be speaking at the IASTE (International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments) Virtual Event ‘Disruptive Traditions: The Pandemic and it’s Impact on Traditional Built Environments’ on Disruptions in History and Archaeology. REGISTRATION AND ATTENDANCE In this first IASTE VIRTUAL SEMINAR event, the IASTE […]

As part of 2020s Warwick Classics Ancient Drama Festival, I will be talking about the historical context of Oedipus Rex, this year’s performed play. For more details and to book your place at our ever-popular festival, watch this space as details will appear shortly.