The Mariner’s Mirror Podcast – A Bronze Age Maritime Treasure: The Uluburun Ship

10th July 2023

The Uluburun ship sank somewhere around 3,400 years ago near what is now Kas in Turkey and was discovered in 1982. The subsequent excavation was carried out at a time when underwater excavation was a new discipline and it had a profound change on the way both that we investigate underwater heritage and understand the ancient world. It still remains one of the oldest shipwrecks ever discovered and the wealth of knowledge provided by the wreck remains astonishing even to modern standards. To put its age into context, the period which it illuminates is 1000 years before Alexander the Great was born and it remains one of the best preserved Bronze Age sites of any description ever discovered. To find out more, in this episode Dr Sam Willis spoke with Professor Michael Scott, author of X Marks the Spot: The Story of Archaeology in Eight Extraordinary Discoveries.


Late Night Live – ABC Radio National – Why Indiana Jones is a bad role model for archaeologists

14th June 2023

The history of archaeology over the past two hundred years is full of dramatic excavations, explorations and the bold exploits of intrepid men and women traversing distant lands. In this episode Professor Michael Scott shares stories of eight groundbreaking archaeological finds and explains why he has a love-hate relationship with Indiana Jones.

Guest: Michael Scott, Professor in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick, broadcaster and author

His new book is ‘X Marks The Spot: The Story of Archaeology in Eight Extraordinary Discoveries’ (Hodder & Stoughton)


History Extra Podcast – Amazing archaeological discoveries that trounce Indiana Jones

30th May 2023

You may think that Indiana Jones created a swashbuckling vision of archaeology that only exists on the silver screen – but, in fact, real archaeological history is also packed full of exciting and awe-inspiring tales of discovery. In this episode, Professor Michael Scott digs into some of these sensational stories with David Musgrove, considering how far fictional images of intrepid treasure hunters are an accurate reflection of archaeological reality.


History Hack podcast: Archaeological discoveries

26th May 2023

In this episode Michael Scott joins us to talk about his new book “X Marks the Spot” all about the top archaeological discoveries.


Zeus: King of the Gods

12th August 2022

For this episode of The Ancients, Prof Michael Scott joins Tristan Hughes to talk about Zeus. Zeus, the chief deity in Greek mythology, is the Olympian god of sky and thunder and is king of all other gods and men.

His tale is one of overthrowing fathers, eating babies and seducing women, both mortal and divine, by changing his own form. He’s one of the most complex figures in history, and his story is one that’s been retold throughout millennia. To try and make sense of it all, we’re going back to the very beginning, to the origins of Zeus, starting with his grandfather and grandmother, Uranus and Gaia. We learn about the prophecy that ultimately overthrows Uranus, the same one that is also fated for Zeus’s father, Cronus, and start to understand the family tree that becomes the Olympians – from Athena to Dionysus.

If you enjoyed this episode, you might also enjoy The Symposium: How To Party Like An Ancient Greek, also with Michael.


You’re Dead To Me: Athenian Democracy

01 July 2022

Prof Michael Scott and comedian Alice Fraser join Greg Jenner in Ancient Greece as they examine the start of democracy with the Athenians. Aside from it obviously being a system that only benefitted men, they find out why you’d want to avoid red ropes and broken pots and why the Romans disliked the very idea of it. And they take a look at some of the fundamental issues with democracy that still exist today.

Ancients: Ancient Greek Symposium

May 2022

In Ancient Greece, the symposium was no ordinary after-dinner drinking party, but one in which the Hellenic men of society got together to wine, recline and philosophise. They took various forms depending on the whim of the leader of the symposium – the symposiarch – but were exclusively male affairs (aside from the occasional courtesan or two).

In this episode Michael chats about the soirée of booze, babes and slaves that was the Ancient Greek symposium.


Against the Lore (Buildings)

February 6, 2022

In this episode, Michael discusses why the Parthenon is his favourite building from the ancient world.

Ithaca Bound (Delphi)

August 9, 2021

In the ancient period, Delphi offered highly sought-after oracular services, hosted quadrennial sporting games, and was a nexus for culture and information sharing. Professor Michael Scott, Warwick University, joins the show to discuss Delphi in the ancient period.

History Hack Podcast: Disney’s Hercules, Fact or Fiction?

June 1st 2021

Well they got his name wrong for a start. The fantastic Michael Scott rejoins us to talk all about the legend of Heracles and how it spread throughout the globe.

Podcast – A somewhat complete history of sitting down

The Battle of Salamis – You’re Dead To Me

31st July 2020

Host Greg Jenner is joined by historian Professor Michael Scott and comedian Shappi Khorsandi to head back to 480BCE for one of history’s most notorious naval battles – The Battle of Salamis. On a journey through the events leading up to the battle and beyond we will uncover one of the most unique methods ever used to cross a body of water, one of the most spectacular deaths ever recorded and why sometimes it pays to give water a jolly good telling off.

Delphi – History Hack

14th July 2020

Michael joins the History Hack team to tell a comprehensive tale of Delphi, while Alina tries desperately not to fangirl… And fails!


Delphi – History Hit Network

Renowned as the home of the Pythia, the sanctuary at Delphi was the religious heart of the Hellenic World. In this episode of Historic Questions Professor Michael Scott explains the site’s history and why it was so significant in antiquity. (Subscription required to access content)


Agamemnon from Agamemnon by Aeschylus

11th June 2020

One of four LIVE YouTube readings of chosen sections from Ancient Greek drama


The Messenger from Euripides’ The Bacchae

10th June 2020

One of four LIVE YouTube readings of chosen sections from Ancient Greek drama


Electra from Euripides’ Electra

9th June 2020

One of four LIVE YouTube readings of chosen sections from Ancient Greek drama


Haemon from Sophocles’ Antigone

8th June 2020

One of four LIVE YouTube readings of chosen sections from Ancient Greek drama


Poseidon from Euripides’ Trojan Women

29th April 2020

Enjoy my guest appearance as the Actor of Dionysus’ 39th daily dose of ancient poetry and drama during lock-down.


The Ancient Olympics

Radio 4: 6th March 2020

Michael joins host Greg Jenner and comedian Shappi Khorsandi for a trip to The Ancient Olympics.


The Spartans

Radio 4: 30th September 2019

Michael joins host Greg Jenner and comedian Joel Dommett to charge into the history of the mighty Spartans!


Introducing Classics 

In 2017 Honorary Graduate Professor Cartledge spoke to Dr Michael Scott of the University of Warwick and Sidney Stringer Academy students Kim Ann Nguyen, Yaqoub Imran and Hita Patel to pay tribute to discuss classics the school’s Head of Classics Nicola Felton, previously Nicola Neto who passed away in April of that year.