Spin the Globe 2014 – BBC Radio Four

Spin the Globe – BBC Radio 4

Reviews for Spin the Globe:

“History they say is doomed to repeat itself. Not so with Michael Scott’s captivating series… As usual, Scott takes mundane conventional history and turns it on its head”
Radio Times
My Radio series Spin the Globe with BBC Radio 4 returned for its second year.
Airing from Tuesday 11th November 2014, the team and I took a series of key dates and spun the globe to find out what else was happening around the world at those times.

Ep 1: Tuesday 11th November 4pm: 1485 and the death of Richard III
Ep 2: Tuesday 18th November 4pm: 1929 and the Wall Street Crash
Ep 3: Tuesday 25th November 4pm: 323 BC and death of Alexander the Great

Missed the live broadcasts? Listen to them here!

Take a look at the page for Spin the Globe 2013 for information about last year’s radio series.

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