It’s that time of year again! Yes, you’ve guessed it – the Prof Michael Scott 2022 calendar is ready to go on sale!

Prof Michael Scott calendar 2022 - 5

Prof Michael Scott calendar 2022 – 5

This is the 4th year we have produced this desktop calendar and we have copied the style of last year – it’s a mix of photos of me and photos taken by me over the past year of new places I have discovered and old favourites I love. The calendar is a little bigger this year than previous years (measures 24cm in width and 13.5cm in height), which means it will come through to you in a slightly bigger envelope (still festive red though for the season!)

Prof Michael Scott calendar 2022 - 4

Prof Michael Scott calendar 2022 – 4

As always, I hope that it gives you great joy – and most importantly – a few laughs!

As previously, we are selling the calendar through Amazon (search for ‘Prof Michael Scott calendar’) BUT – due to gremlins in the Amazon system, it is currently showing in the title as Prof Michael Scott Calendar 2021 (and associated description calls it a 2021 calendar)! Look at the photos associated with it however and you will the 2022 calendar. I can promise you – you will receive a 2022 calendar! Hoping to have Amazon gremlins resolved soon…

And of course – I am happy to sign and dedicate the calendar (just leave details of name and preferred dedication in the specified area of the Amazon sales form).

For those in Australia (or those preferring not to order through Amazon/ deal with Amazon gremlins), please order direct by emailing and we will get back to you to confirm – payment will be through Paypal.

Last posting dates:

18th December – UK

16th December – Europe

13th December – USA/Canada

6th December – Australia

Very much hope you enjoy the 2022 calendar – as always, let us know what you think by leaving a review on the Amazon page or letting us know via

Prof Michael Scott calendar 2022 - 3

Prof Michael Scott calendar 2022 – 3

Have a safe and happy rest of 2021 – and most importantly a wonderful Festive season and New Year! Here’s to 2022!

Michael x