With Halloween still spookily ringing in your ears, and bonfires soon to be lit all around (at least in the UK to celebrate Bonfire nigh!), yes, it’s also time to start thinking about Christmas!

Back by popular demand this year is my limited edition Prof Michael Scott Desktop Calendar – filled with photos that I have taken of places I have worked in, traveled to, and some, closer to home, that I simply love! And this year, we also have a special mystery guest photographer appearance for December! 😉 Oh, and because I have not perfected the art of taking a photo of myself, the front cover photo is thanks to David Wilson! Thanks David!

You can order and pay for the calendar through Amazon.co.uk (or partner European Amazon sites) from anywhere in the world. Cost is £11 + P&P (£1 in UK, £3 for Europe, £4 for Rest of the world). Just search for ‘Prof Michael Scott Calendar 2020’

Or order by clicking here 

However if you are in Australia please email michaelscottacademic@gmail.com to place an order and payment will go through Paypal. In the email, please specify number of calendars, delivery address and any dedications (see below).  Orders will be sent once payment is received through Paypal (paypal.me/michaelscottacademic ). Cost per calendar for delivery to Australia is £11+£4P&P.

As ever you can order the calendar signed by me and/or with a special dedication – just put the details of what you would like on the Amazon order form (or in with your email). So it’s the perfect gift for friends, family, or even (and equally importantly!) yourself.

Last posting dates to get it there for Christmas are as follows:

To the UK: 18th December

To Europe: 16th December

To USA: 14th December

To Australia: 12th December

Hope the photos give you as much joy as they give me, and help bring a smile to your face as we all face the (seemingly inevitably) turbulent waters of the end of 2019 and the start of 2020!