This great new Quiz show – hosted by Griff Rhys Jones – is coming soon to BBC4. Quizeum is a quiz in a museum – showcasing the incredible objects that are in our regional museums. Each show comes from a different museum and the panellists vary each week reflecting the nature of the museum’s collection.

It was great fun to be part of the Ashmolean Museum episode, along with my team mate Janina Ramirez, and Lars Tharp and Kate Williams (our rivals for the glory of the Quizeum crown -boo, hiss!;))) We had a fantastic day hunting through the fabulous collections of the Ashmolean on treasure hunts with cryptic clues, having to come up with stories around some of the wierdest objects I have ever seen, and being treated to a snap shot of some of the Ashmolean’s great treasures – some of which, as you will see, made most of the panel blush, cough, splutter and yes even we were lost for words!

This is not a programme simply about connoisseurship or the ability to identify objects from every period of history (now there’s a scary thought)… rather it’s a programme about the stories and ideas and thoughts that objects inspire among a group of people who between them have a huge range of collective experience in all periods of history – with a good dose of competition and team rivalry thrown in! And above all – a fun way to spend time in a museum and with the objects of our rich and varied human past.

Watch the trailer here

Coming soon to BBC4!