In January 2019, I was lucky enough to be re-born as a Lego figure thanks to the incredible work of @legoclassicists (historical archivist Liam D. Jensen).

Legoclassicist has worked tirelessly since 2016 to celebrate the work of Classicists across the world by turning them into Lego figures, which are presented as a gift to the person represented. My Lego figure sits happily on my shelf in my office at Warwick University. You can see me in my office introducing my lego figure during one of my Facebook Live Q&As here

Those of you familiar with my TV documentaries will recognise the outfit I am wearing as a lego figure (see here for some of those documentaries).

20th February is International Lego Classicisms Day #ILCD – which this year happily coincided with my Professorial Inaugural Lecture. To watch the lecture, where my lego figure was displayed as part of the introduction to my lecture, click the link here