This new two-part series for BBC TWO focuses on the realities of life in the ancient Greek world, its legacies, and its continued importance for our own world today.

Think of the Greeks and the picture in our heads is either that of uber six-packed half-naked warriors screaming ‘This is Sparta’, or bearded oldies sitting around talking philosophy. I’m interested in how such extremes fit within the realities of ancient Greek culture. What would it have been like to live in their world? And how did ancient Greece – little more than a speck of dry and mountainous land on the earth’s landscape – during a period of time equivalent to little more than a heartbeat in human history, secure such a deep and long-lasting imprint in the fabric of human society? And most importantly, what can they still do for us today?

This series was made by Tern TV in association with Nostos Productions, my production company.

Who were the Greeks: Episode 1 ‘Life’ and Episode 2 ‘Legacy’ aired in June and July 2013 on BBC2.

For more info, and to watch a clip from episode 1: BBC 2 Website: Who were the Greeks?.

To watch the BBC 2 trailer for the series: BBC 2 Trailer: Who were the Greeks?.

Reviews of Who were the Greeks?:

This is spirited and informative, and great fun with it. – The Guardian
In this intriguing two parter, historian Dr Michael Scott treks through the old Greek world to uncover why they have have such influence. The eye-opening jaunt also allows Michael to grapple with Greek wrestling and down a glass of Spartan blood broth. YummTV Magazine
He fills the documentary with examples: its not the kind of doc where you have to sit through laboured scene-setting or waffle to get occasional nuggets of information: its packed with them….Its an explosive cultural mix and Scott does a great job of making an ancient story fresh. – The Radio Times
This is the sort of programme the BBC does best: taking an expert, Dr Michael Scott, with a knack for bringing a vanished world to light and giving him time to explain it to us. No dumbing-down and fascinating with it. Great stuff. – The Daily Express
Dr Michael Scott vividly brings the colourful world alive.”– The Sun
This was a brisk entertaining documentary packed with colourful detail and delivered by a man who clearly knew and loved his subject. – The Daily Mail