History Masterclass with Michael Scott: Gritty Realities of Ancient Greece
Date & Time: 6th May 2017, Doors open 10:30, event 11am-1pmLocation: 19 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3HH

Michael has collaborated with the team at History Masterclass to hold a session on the murky reality of ancient Greek society. The two hour History Masterclass sessions offer a small group of 20-30 participants an interactive learning experience with the expert in a format consisting a mixture of talks, discussion & workshop-style activities.

Think of ancient Greece and what springs to mind? Philosophers sitting around talking? Or Gerard Butler in 300? Both have a place in the reality of ancient Greece, but they are by no means the whole picture. In this masterclass, Dr Michael Scott opens up the gritty realities of ancient Greece to give you a cradle to grave (and beyond!) understanding of what it meant to live in one of the most important epochs in human history. From understanding your life expectancy at birth to going through adolescence; from not committing faux-pas in an ancient wine drinking symposium to competing at the highest level of the Olympics; from being buried in style to dealing with the gods, join Michael in getting into the footsteps, hearts and minds of the ancient Greeks and seeing life through their eyes.

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