Oiko.world Project TeamIn 2016-8, supported by Strategic and Departmental Warwick Impact Fund grants, working with Warwick Academic Technologist Steve Ranford, a team of Warwick Classics PG and UG students, and the development team at Computerminds, I developed and launched a new web platform oiko.world.

The platform allows public users to investigate events, people, places and objects from the past across a wide chronological span and across many different ancient communities, and to understand the links between them.

Users can explore via a map of the ancient world, or by creating their own comparative timelines.

In 2018, following the award of a Warwick IATL Academic Fellowship, I also developed this platform to play a key role in my new Warwick Classics Undergraduate Teaching module ‘From Confucius to Constantine: Ancient Global History’ available to 2nd and 3rd year UG students. This is one of the only ancient global history modules available to UG students anywhere in the UK, and, as part of it, students will not only use oiko.world, but learn how to contribute to it as part of their module assessment.